I don’t have many dreams, or at least I don’t remember many. That’s actually been a goal of mine, and it seems to have worked, but that’s a story for another post. Last night I had a dream that I did remember, and it seemed pretty memorable for an unusual reason.

Do you ever have one of those dreams where what you’re trying to do keeps getting frustrated by some unknown force? For example, you’re trying to reach something, walk up to a sink or something, but for some bizarre, unknown reason you can’t reach it? This was like that, except I was trying to play a song for someone, but I couldn’t find the song at all. Google and YouTube were giving no results. I would try different spellings and alternate titles and get nothing. It was like it had disappeared from the internet entirely, even though it was a song I’ve listened to many times before.

Incidentally, the song I was trying to share was by Sonny J. Sonny J’s debut album was titled Disastro, and it was one of the last new Big Beat albums I remember hearing. I think he would’ve become more famous had he come along about a decade earlier, at the height of Big Beat’s popularity. As it stood though he scored a few minor hits on the UK charts. Most of his buzz centered on his song “Can’t Stop Moving”, largely due to a fan putting it to video of a young Michael Jackson singing (it really does fit).

What’s funny is if you read through the comments on the video, people are like, “oh, I remember when they did this song!” No you don’t; it’s a brand new song, sampling The Hues Corporation, among others. Here’s the actual music video for “Can’t Stop Moving”:

Somewhat ironically, the video from the official Sonny J YouTube channel has a copyright claim against it by WMG and has been blocked in the United States.

I know I have watched it on that channel in the past, so this is a new development, and is in a sense almost exactly what I dreamt about. It’s also strange that the song is totally fine coming from another account

A few other good songs from Disastro are “Enfant Terrible”:

“Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)” which is more or less a remix of Donna Hightower’s “If You Hold My Hand” and I think it’s the song I was trying to find in my dream:

“Sorrow” which doesn’t fall in with the Big Beat sound of most of the album, but is lovely:

Finally I’d point you to “Sonrise” which concludes the album:

I first heard this album when I was a music director at my college radio station, and this was one of the standout albums I heard. I wish there was more from Sonny J, but his website seems to have been taken over by SEO “experts” and his Twitter page hasn’t been updated since 2009. Frankly, I wish there was more Big Beat still being made. But I’m really surprised and disappointed to see a music label hiding music from its old artist, and I hope this is one dream that doesn’t come true. Actually, I hope most of my dreams don’t come true; that’s why I try not to remember them.

Featured Image Credit: “Insomnia” by Paul Lofeodo, via Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License.

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