jqubed drinking a smoothie
Having a smoothie with some friends, their son next to me started having a bloody nose, making me comically uncomfortable.

My initials are all the letter J. People sometimes call me “JJ” or “Triple J” if they find out my middle initial is also J. I realized in middle school there was something math-related to this and went with jtimes3 as my username online, but as I had more math classes I learned that jjj≠3j. Instead, of course, jjj=j³. Apparently I’m not the only person to have 3 “J”s for initials, nor was I the first person to realize the math side of these initials, so very often jcubed was already gone. I first came up with jqubed as an alternative sometime around 2002 on slashdot, although that same year I registered j-cubed.com (which I eventually let expire, having never really used it). By the mid-2000s I’d solidified around jqubed as a username and use it most places I can. I’m not every jqubed on the Internet, but many of the top search results relate to me, which I think is kind of cool. My real name turns up lots of results for lots of other people, including a photographer, a novelist, a doctor, a corporate VP, a politician… I don’t even make the top ten pages. As jqubed, though, I’m almost instantly findable.

Did you want to know about me? I was born and raised in North Carolina and have lived here my whole life, except for when I moved to New York City for a year when I was 20 (I liked New York and would probably consider moving back in the right circumstances). I like a lot of music, especially most varieties of electronica, college/alt-rock, classic rock, jazz, bluegrass, and classical, but my music knowledge is kind of random and I might know about some band few people have ever heard of but be totally clueless about someone important I really should know about. I didn’t let that stop me from being a DJ at my college’s radio station, though, eventually becoming a music director for the Electronica format. Being on live radio is still one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. I enjoy sports and watch more than I should (seriously, I’m cutting back) but still consider myself only a casual fan and don’t follow much about records (except maybe for teams I care about) or individual players. I like airplanes and am very interested in learning to fly (I even did ground school and passed the knowledge test). Roller coasters and cars also catch my interest, and though I enjoy driving fast I do try to stay at legal speeds (usually). My first camera was a Mickey Mouse-branded gift that used 110 film and a Flip Flash, but photography really took off as a hobby of mine when I got into a darkroom in high school. High school also got me interested in computers and websites, and I almost became a programmer (I scored a 5 on the AP C++ Exam my senior year, the highest possible score). The need for one more credit to graduate changed all that, though. The only class that fit my schedule was Video Studio, and I was hooked. I went to college and got a degree in Communication, and have worked in television since 2007. I’ve worked with some incredibly talented people, learned from them, and made my own valuable contributions to some excellent productions.

It’s hard to get a real feel for someone in a few hundred words, though. On this site I plan on sharing work I’ve done that I’m particularly proud of and things that interest me. I hope you find them interesting, too.

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