Racing a Great White Shark

The more I think about it, the more racing a Great White Shark seems like something Ryan Lochte would do than something Michael Phelps would do.

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Featured Image Credit: “Great White Shark” by Elias Levy, via Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

Cognitive Dissonance in Basketball

I’ve gotten a little annoyed by the sound of a neighbor kid dribbling and shooting a basketball for the past few hours, and I feel pretty stupid for that bugging me. Why is it stupid? Because by the time I go to bed tonight I’ll have watched something like 32 hours of college basketball over the past 4 days. The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship is underway, and March Madness is my favorite time of the year. College basketball is my favorite sport. So why does the neighbor kid dribbling and shooting baskets for a couple hours start to get annoying? Maybe someday those hours of practice will pay off and I’ll be watching him play in the big dance!

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Regrets? A Time the Bold Move Paid Off

I have a story to tell you that I think is true yet hardly believe myself. I’ve been reminded of it because I’m re-reading through the entire archives of the webcomic xkcd, going back to make sure I haven’t missed any. I’m fairly certain I’ve gotten back past the newest comic from the last time I did this and then some, but I’m heading all the way back to the beginning just to be sure. It’s been an entertaining look back in history, seeing references that are now actually kind of dated or would be confusing to younger readers. I’m all the way back to 2008 now, which doesn’t sound that old but is 8 years, almost a decade. There have been a lot of comics that focus on ways of making the readers or the people they interact with feel old, but now simply realizing the comic itself is that old is hitting me in the same way.

I’ve reached a comic that’s prompted this story now; the comic is titled “Regrets”:

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“Regrets” by Randall Munroe, originally published August 4, 2008 at
Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License
The story this comic prompted is not mine, so I won’t be using names and am keeping details as light as possible. If I’d seen it in a movie or book I wouldn’t have believed it, but I swear this story is true to the best of my knowledge, or at least the person relating it was telling me about her own life and presented it as true. This was not a third-hand “friend-of-a-friend” story; it came straight from the horse’s mouth. (more…)

Carolina Hurricanes Tenth Anniversary as 2006 Stanley Cup Champions

I’m wearing this shirt and hat today, and they’re very special to me; I got them on this day in 2006, when the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup:


I didn’t just get these that night, I was in the stands watching the team win. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, something I’ll always remember. That was easily the best $120 I’ve ever spent. Just getting those tickets was something I was proud of. (more…)

The Little Prince

I was pretty excited late in 2014 to see a movie version of The Little Prince by Antoine de Sainte-Exupéry was in production. It’s a French classic written as a children’s book, but the concepts and messages seem like something that will go right over a child’s head. It’s almost better read as an adult to remind us of important parts of life that are easy to lose sight of as we grow up.

Growing up is not the problem. Forgetting is.

—The Aviator, in the movie adaptation

The first trailer I saw was in French, but it was enough to get me excited with its beautiful animation, particularly the loving tribute to Sainte-Exupéry’s original illustrations.



There’s a special feeling when you wash clothes for the last time because you’ve lost so much weight they no longer fit…
…and they hopefully never will.