In college I kept a blog for a while. Eventually it fell by the wayside as college got busier, I started working outside of college, and then I graduated and focused on my job and other pursuits. I’ve taken a look back at my original blog posts (I may at some point add some or all of them back in here for archival purposes) and in my original post I stated why I started blogging in the first place:

Often I will see or experience something that I want to share with people, but for some reason or another there is no one to share it with. This blog gives me a place to relate these experiences, share interesting (to me at least) links and stories, or ramble on with a thought or something like this.

Over the years Facebook and Twitter filled that role for me, particularly as we got smartphones and sharing more content in the moment got easier. I still plan to share that content here, but I’ll also show off some of the more creative things I’ve done. I’ve had the opportunity to do some interesting things both professionally and as a hobby and it’s nice to finally be taking some time to share those with other people and show off a little bit. Things have changed a lot with the Internet and WordPress since I started blogging (my original blog was also on WordPress), and I’m excited about the things I’ll be able to show you.