The latest version of this presentation is always available one level up. This is currently the latest version, however.

Video content is becoming more common and more important on the web. This presentation will help bloggers start making professional-looking videos. We will look at things to consider when choosing a camera, what kind of microphone to use, lighting, and how to shoot your video. We will also look at editing, encoding your video, and choosing a video host.

This version was presented April 22, 2017 at WordCamp Raleigh 2017.

Video of this presentation is pending upload to WordPress.TV

On slide 7 I linked to a video demonstrating what audio clipping sounds like, but did not have time to show the video during the presentation. That video can be seen here.

During the presentation I mentioned the tripod we purchased for my friend Laura to use in her videos, but could not remember the model off-hand. We got the Libec TH-X, which cost $239 at Adorama at the time. It does not have an adjustable drag setting, but does use a claw ball. I’ve only played around with it briefly, but it seems decent for the price. When I recommended it to Laura my comment was, “this is a new one, and I haven’t found a lot of reviews for it yet, but it looks like it has a lot of the features I would want and is the lowest price I was finding on Adorama with those features from a company I’ve heard of.” So far I think it’s worked out.

Please leave any feedback you may have. What wasn’t covered that you would like addressed? Where would you like to go more in-depth?

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