“We Can Work it Out” covered by Tom Jones

A few days ago SiriusXM launched a Beatles channel and since then it’s basically all I’ve been listening to while driving. I heard “We Can Work It Out” on there today and it reminded me that this cover by Tom Jones exists:

If you can get past the puzzle piece jumpsuit visuals and focus on Jones’s singing, it might actually be a contender as a better version than The Beatles. Hearing The Beatles’ version after hearing Jones’s version, it really does feel like the song was written for Tom Jones.

“Closing Time” Has a Hidden Meaning

More than likely you’ve heard the song “Closing Time” by Semisonic. Like me you probably took the lyrics at face value and thought it was about last call at a bar, but some of the lyrics might have seemed a little odd. There’s a reason for that: the song’s not really about that at all. Check out this video for an explanation from Semisonic’s Dan Wilson:

You’re welcome parents.

I discovered this by way of Nate Johnson who shared this blog post by Kavin Senapathy.